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Single Skin Roof Sheets

Why should I choose Rollaclad for my roofing needs?

Established since 1973, we have been providing a variety of roofing materials including a wide array of roofing sheets, to suit your bespoke needs for nearly 50 years so you can count on our years of experience in finding the perfect roofing materials for you. We hope to provide you with all the information that you need to safely incorporate these products with confidence into your projects.

To ensure that they are made to measure to your bespoke needs, we manufacture a comprehensive range of cladding and roofing sheets on our premises, ensuring that you are completely satisfied that they meet your needs. Available in an array of colours and materials to suit your specific requirements, we have everything that you need to clad a new or refurbished building. We always strive to minimise waste and ensure that our made-to-measure roofing and cladding sheets match your needs, happily discussing your requirements to advise on the best way of meeting your needs.

What are Single Skin Roof Sheets?

As you may be able to determine from its name, single skin roof sheets consist of just one layer of steel, painted over with a high gloss finish that looks fantastic and is fantastically robust. Specifically built to reflect sunlight, single skin roof sheets are extremely lightweight and very easy to clean, meaning that it is very straightforward to maintain them to a high standard. Our range of single skin roof sheets include a comprehensive range of fixings, sealants, guttering, flashings and rooflights.

What is the design of our roofing sheets like?

At Rollaclad, our 32/1000 box profile single skin roofing sheets have a 7-crown design that delivers maximum sheet strength, ensuring robustness and durability. When lapped, the cover width of our single skin roofing sheets is 1000mm. Our single skin roofing sheets are uniquely formulated to effectively repel rainwater that comes into contact with the single skin roofing sheet, reducing the potential of damage and wastage during installation.

Our single skin roofing sheets are designed to meet key performance requirements to improve the indoor temperature of the building, reducing exterior noise and enhancing fire protection. This is important as the thermal performance of the roof is critical when there is a substantial amount of heat gain that can be absorbed through the roof.

What are the key benefits?

• 7 profiles for added strength
• 1 metre cover after overlapping
• Ease and speed of fixing
• Cost-effective and quick to install
• Delivers a high performance and very energy-efficient building

    Roofing Sheets Buy Flashings Buy Fixings

    Roofing Sheets 

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  • External Finish: Plastisol or Polyester Coating
  • Internal Finish: Smooth Light Grey Polyester
  • External Profile: RC32/1000 32mm profile height, 167mm pitch
  • Standard Width: 1000mm
  • Max Length: 13000mm
  • Minimum pitch: 10 degrees
  • Gauge Thickness: 0.5mm and 0.7mm
  • Weight: 0.5mm thickness 4.89kg/m2, 0.7mm thickness 6.69kg/m2


Both types of sheets have a primed galvanised substrate, nominally 0.5mm or 0.7mm thick.
Plastisol finish: Leather grain, 200μm, durable, abrasion-resistant topcoat
Polyester finish: Smooth 25μm polyester coating. Suited to non-aggressive environments.


Call us on 01792 893985 if you’d like us to send you a sample.


0.5mm is by far the most common gauge we sell. 0.7mm is most often specified by profession roofing contractors.


Dr!pStop (also called anti-condensation) is a fleece like backing applied during rolling. A non-woven fabric, it absorbs moisture as it condenses on the underside of metal roofing sheets stopping it dropping on objects below.

Tile Effect

Tile effect sheets go through a secondary process adding the tile impression. Very effective at making the sheets more aesthetically attractive.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 m

Plastisol, Polyester


Anthracite, Black, Goosewing Grey, Juniper Green, Merlin Grey, Raven, Slate Blue, Teracotta, Van Dyke Brown


0.5mm, 0.7mm


No, Yes

Tile Effect

Yes, No


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Roofing Sheets


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